Saboor Aly opens up on solo travel, family planning and how she almost got a tattoo

Saboor Aly opens up on solo travel, family planning and how she almost got a tattoo

Moreover, the stories their mother shared with them added a touch of nostalgia to their relationship, reminding them of the challenges of travelling with two young children. “My mom used to tell me this story – Sajal and I, we have a one-year age difference – so when we were kids, everyone used to say we were twins,” began Saboor.

Elaborating further, she recalled, “Air hostesses used to find us very adorable. One of them would take care of Sajal, and one of them would take care of me. Sajal, because she wouldn’t go to anyone’s lap, she was quite stubborn, and I, being easygoing, would always go to their lap. So I remember this story that my mom told me, that travelling with two kids with a one-year age difference was quite difficult.”

Shedding light on her personal opinion on the whole ordeal, Saboor said, “If I also think about my family planning, I think I should do the solo travelling I want to do now, first. Then it will be much more difficult. It will happen, God willing, but it becomes pretty difficult.”

The Parizaad star also spoke about putting in the work, saving up money, and going on a trip, joking about the dollar exchange rate as well. “I went to America alone,” recounted Saboor. “I had to save up a lot of money. I had a whole list of things I had to do, and only one thing remained. I could have done it, but I was unsure. It was a tattoo. I was travelling so I thought I’d get a tattoo. It’s always on the list but I haven’t done it due to some doubt.” She then went into detail about her solo trip to California, highlighting how she went to Disneyland on her first day there and lost track of time.

Thinking about the same, she said, “I had a lot of fun, these were things I’d done in my childhood. I thought that when I have kids, I’ll have them do similar things on time. When you’re there, you’re a child again. You go, you have fun, you see the world, and you think how far the world has progressed.”

At one point in the podcast, Saboor also highlighted the unique aspect of travelling alone. “The kind of experience you have when travelling solo, you don’t get that when you travel with anyone else,” stated the star. The actor continued to dive into further details about her experiences during the conversation. However, it was heartening to see an actor speak openly about their childhood and bucket list items.

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