Google’s AI Magic Editor creates perfect fake images

Google’s AI Magic Editor creates perfect fake images

Magic Editor will allow users to enhance the sky, move and scale subjects, and remove parts of images, with just a tap. Google has aimed to package all the advanced editing tools available in apps like Photoshop, in a simplified app that doesn’t require complex editing to achieve desired results.

At Google’s event, the image editor was demonstrated on stage with a picture of a woman in front of a waterfall. The presenter tapped on the woman and moved her to the other side of the photo while the editing tool automatically filled in the space she had occupied. By just tapping on the sky, the presenter turned it overcast or cloudless bright.

The Magic Editor included vital tools required for advanced editing like Clone Stamp and Spot Healing Brush.

Despite its advanced editing tools, the application will change the way photos are edited especially by professionals who learn the art and make a living.

Moreover, a common tool from Google could open pathways to generating a number of fake images, which have recently come to light as a concerning issue, as many AI-powered tools have been used to generate fake images to spread false information and news.

Google’s ‘experimental technology’ will become available to select Pixel phones later this year and then be rolled out to everyone else.

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