Actors Who Captivated Us With Their Performances This Week

Actors Who Captivated Us With Their Performances This Week

Actors who caught our attention this week. Discover if your favorite actor has been featured in our ‘Actors of The Week’ list.

Sajal Aly portrays Meenu in “Zard Patton Ka Bun”

We are thoroughly enjoying Sajal Aly’s portrayal of Meenu. Meenu’s relentless spirit in overcoming every challenge inspires and makes you admire her.

Mohib Mirza portrays Hassan in “Jafaa”

The enigma surrounding his character persists, and Mohib excels at maintaining our curiosity without disclosing too much. Indeed, he sometimes makes us wonder if there is any issue.


Hiba Bukhari portrays Eman in “Radd”

Eman is captivating us by empowering Salaar to recognize his potential. However, during this process, she is gradually falling for him, even though she has yet to realize it.


Nauman Masood portrays Jamal in “Jafaa”

Nauman Masood’s portrayal of Deebu’s father is garnering praise for its nuance. He embodies a character that is traditional and typical, rather than toxic. Despite his hurt, he continues to show kindness to Deebu. Intriguingly, the character does not evoke negative feelings or cause us to dislike him as a father.


Hajra Yamin portrays Sumbul in “Noor Jahan”

Sumbul is both frightened and desperate, yet she releases all her emotions when alone with Safina. Hajra’s depiction of Sumbul’s plight and her internal feelings is commendable.


Yamina Peerzada portrays Sawera in “Radd”

Yamina Peerzada is certainly captivating us with her remarkable performance. It’s nuanced, realistic, and most importantly, she has guided the audience through Sawera’s evolution – from her initial inability to defend herself to her current resolve to safeguard herself and her daughters.

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