According to Upwork, Five Administrative Skills are in High Demand

In-Demand Administrative Skills

According to Upwork, Five Administrative Skills are in High Demand

The freelance marketplace Upwork has consistently documented the most sought-after skills and specialties on its platform. This year’s list includes data analytics, social media marketing, and accounting, as highlighted in the Most In-Demand Work Skills in 2024 report.

Margaret Lilani, the vice president of talent delivery at Upwork, notes that these tasks or task groups have seen an increase in demand year over year, indicating emerging trends.

Upwork categorizes its popular skills by field, such as coding and sales. This year’s report also features a list of the most in-demand administrative skills in customer service and admin support, many of which may not require extensive experience.

Here are the top five tasks in that category.

Data Entry

Data entry is a skill focused on inputting information into applications such as Microsoft Excel or updating existing databases. It may be monotonous, but it’s essential for various business operations, including customer and applicant tracking systems.

Lilani notes, “This skill is here to stay. We must ensure that information is accurately placed in the correct locations.”

Typically, employers require only a high school diploma for this role.

On platforms like Upwork, data entry specialists can earn up to $100 per hour.

General Virtual Assistant

“Consider how everyone’s life could improve if they had a virtual assistant to manage their calendar, assist with emails, and enhance presentations,” suggests Lilani. This type of administrative work is what general virtual assistants excel at, contributing to their high demand.

“They can serve multiple clients,” notes Vicki Salemi, a career expert at Monster.

Their tasks can vary widely, with some specializing in tools like Microsoft Copilot or managing social media. “The versatility of being a generalist also provides agility,” Lilani adds, for those interested in this career path.

A bachelor’s degree isn’t strictly necessary to become a virtual assistant, though possessing one can be advantageous.

On platforms like Upwork, general virtual assistants can earn up to $65 per hour.

General Research Services

General research services are invaluable in addressing a wide range of business issues. “Research is a critical element when identifying customer problems and determining the next product to develop,” explains Lilani.

However, it demands effort. “The amount of information is overwhelming,” she notes. “One must navigate through it, identify the essential parts, and then synthesize and extract insights.” This is the role of researchers: to locate information, filter it, and assist businesses in concluding to address their challenges.

Researchers may be generalists or specialists in a specific area. Employers typically require at least a bachelor’s degree and some experience, while others might demand a master’s or even a doctoral degree.

The hourly rate for researchers can reach up to $175.

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Digital Project Management

Digital project management is crucial when a company plans to launch a new branding campaign or revamp its website. For such tasks, hiring a digital project manager is common practice.

“The project manager will ensure the digital project stays on course,” Lilani explains. They are responsible for defining the project’s scope, managing deadlines, and delivering both on time and with the promised quality to their clients. The role involves numerous administrative duties, which is why it falls under the admin and customer service category.

Typically, these positions require a bachelor’s degree and some professional experience.

Digital project managers can command rates up to $200 per hour.

Dropshipping and Order Processing

Dropshipping is a retail method where the seller doesn’t keep the products in stock but instead transfers the customer’s orders and shipment details to another party. The seller is in charge of managing their store and marketing it.

Experts in dropshipping assist sellers with different aspects of their online business, including website design, SEO writing for visibility, accounting, and crafting product descriptions. E-commerce has been a growing field, especially post-pandemic, according to Salemi.

On platforms like Upwork, dropshippers can earn up to $250 per hour.

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